Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magical Amulets, Say What!

Jewelry, especially amulets, and charms had magical and protective powers. Ooh!magic, sorcery!(If you don't know what movie that was from, then it was Night at The Museum). Specifically, carnelian,turquoise, and lapis lazuli brought luck. Also, amulets magically attracted good luck and warded off evil. Too bad I don't need amulets because I'm already a good luck charm. Not only did this type of jewelry give you good luck and ward off evil, they kept you safe from accidents, hunger, and thirst, and snakes, demons, and other everyday dangers. I know you think that amulets come in only one form, but they come in the form of scarabs, and the ankh(symbol of eternal life), animals, gods and goddesses, crows, and the Eye of Horus,which is also known as the symbol of wholeness.

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