Sunday, January 4, 2009

Even Poor People Wore Jewelry?

Although their jewelry wasn't expensive or flashy, they still wore some type of jewelry. To be specific, they wore copper instead of gold jewelry like pharaohs or rich people. Too bad the people with gold couldn't just let them borrow it for like a day or two, or maybe for even a year or century. Poor people in the Egyptian society made their own accessories with their bare hands out of shells and pottery. Man I sure am glad I don't have to make my own jewelry. When they wore strings or collars, they wore them with faience beads and amulets(faience is pottery coated with brightly colored glazes). Even the poorest child on the block wore a pottery or bone ring or amulet with a crude image of Bes.

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  1. were the necklaces cheap so the poor coulc buy them? or did the poor just have enofe money? or did they just go to sumeone house and just make it